Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Subtle and simple things are everlasting and evergreen.People usually live in a misconception of overfilling their homes with fancy items so that it stands out !

But beauty lies in simplicity. It simply means to follow the rule of minimal but extraordinary fancy attractions only at intervals or in a balance way to avoid overdoing of things which leads to the scenario of showing off.



Rule of complimenting things !

Complimenting is contributing extra features to something else in such a way as to improve or emphasize its quality. On a lighter tone-

Keeping the walls sober if the showpieces or art pieces are fancy or vice versa or Sober furniture can be complemented with bold walls.


Everlasting simplicity

Simplicity beats complexity. We usually get trapped with beauty of complexity but fail to realize that the beauty of simplicity is ever lasting.

Complexity or overdone designs attracts only in first glimpse but is not timeless. Keeping things simple, matches all the changing trends, and can be refined or added with current fashion by the change of soft furnishing as cushion covers or light weighted vase. This will add a touch of freshness in your life and change in your interiors.


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