Colour is a power which directly influences the soul, colour enhances almost everything you can imagine.


Colour is a FEELING.


What is your favorite colour ? and Why is it your favorite ?

Usually our favorite things are favorite because of the special feeling it gives to us. 

Maybe red  because it attracts everybody towards you or black makes you look perfect or maybe pink because it isnt just a colour its an attitude. 


Ask yourself what do you feel in your space?

Subconsciously you always knew what it wants to convey and any user entering your space has felt that.


Let the colour convey its power!


Three rules which never goes wrong and works wonder – 

Colour hacks –


1. Same colour on same colour is always right 


Example – white on white is always right! 




As this gives a sober, classy and evergreen look

2. Highlighting colour – only certain area, single wall or through furniture – 


This gives  importance to colour. 

3. Colour on colour – Layers never disappoint , shades or tint of single colour ( preferably tones 2/3) or varied 2/3 colour combination is a perfect balance or enough itself. 

“Because everything is about colour”



Everything goes with a compliment to each other such as, Celebration is incomplete without a glass of Champagne, People are incomplete without humanity and Interiors are incomplete without furniture. 

Furniture is the key element for the aesthetics in a space that can be your work place or your home, the whole interior frame is judged on basis of the selection of the furniture. The proportion of the three dimensional space is directly related to the feel of the space which is enhanced by the right furniture selection. 




Expansive spaces are large or spacious spaces in terms of area or are double height spaces. This type of space undoubtedly impresses the user due to varied difference of scale as compared with regular scenario.

To distribute the user attention equally – Solid and heavy furniture should be selected.

Or Complex – irregular shaped, slant, fancy or curvy furniture can be complimented with expansive spaces.


Compact spaces are small spaces or closely and neatly packed together area. This type of space is limited and only allows necessary keeps.This type of space requires furniture selection which balances and helps the area look comparatively larger and not more compact.

Furniture elevated from the ground – Gives a mellow feeling – this assures subconsciously that furniture is light weighted.  

Perfect geometrical lines – Preferably Straight and clear gives a sleek finished clean visionary glimpse to our mind.This looks simple and direct to the eyes and makes the space look easily acceptable.

The choice of selecting the style of furniture depends on the concept or theme of your particular space. Prioritize what selected attribute should be given more importance than the rest.This selection will be easier on what kind of feel of the space you desire. 


Interior is relating to the inside of something, in between the 4 walls.

Is it?

Mental peace is what the world is searching for.We need to relax; we need to let things flow.


With time things have changed, every other thing is possible now.There is a lot you can offer and a lot you can adapt.

So if I say ?

To Blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Sounds great?

It is possible – Possible for mental peace, to reduce stress, which in turn impacts our bodies. 


Incorporate landscaping in interiors or dedicate whole and soul part of the house to gardening. Give priority to things which will actually matter. Invest for your long term well being. Invest in landscaping.Add pot plants, creepers around windows, shrubs in foyer or try to connect the outside with inside.Terrace gardening, kitchen garden or introduction to flowery keeps for soothing fragrance and visual treat.Completing it with swings or fancy natural material furniture will act as a cherry on the cake.


Find happiness where the sun shines, as the sun’s light kills bad bacteria, increases oxygen content in human blood with many more scientific benefits also reduces the mechanical load and ultimately your electricity bill of the house.Natural light has a positive effect on the body directly or indirectly. Make way for natural light through large extensive windows, skylights or cross ventilation possibilities.


Choosing natural materials almost always means a reduction in off-gassing and toxic chemical compounds being brought into your home.Its side step a lot of potential health risks by going the natural route and adds freshness in the atmosphere.

Bringing natural materials into your immediate surroundings creates a rich and textured look that is far more engaging and inviting than one layered with colder, more artificial material like laminate, plastic, or synthetic fabrics.

Using plants, natural baskets, wool or fiber rugs, and wood furniture makes a home, office, or classroom look warm and helps bring the effortless beauty of the outdoors in.


Water being the most important natural factor – completes us. Sound of water is so soothing and soulful that it adds to the feel of the space, addition of fragment flowers is always a great idea to jam with, chirping of birds indirectly contributes to the connection with nature- appreciate openings for natural light and cool breeze.



What is a house?

“A building for human habitation”  —–   ????

House according to me is every being’s Dream on earth which reflects owner’s personality and interests.

The only way we as humans stand out is by our personal choice and unique way of living. House is beyond closed walls, beyond a residing place, beyond shelter, it’s a reflection of you and your choices. A personal touch of interest in any form will highly give piece of satisfaction and inner happiness. Something which defines you, which reflects your personality or profession.

Artists are known by their art, paintings define painters, what defines you?

I strongly recommend and believe to add a space or elements in your house which defines you. May that be art pieces, photographs, profession associated keeps, hobbies or interests zone or your loved ones precious items display. 

Nature’s lover? – Add some natural beauty to your space by adding plants, water elements, earthy materials, flower scents .

Fond of music ? Try depicting it through arts installation or recycling old musical instruments by using them in a smarter way.

Collect souvenirs ? Or are you a Book junkie? Try to add and give a whole lot of space to your area of interest by displaying it.

So artists love showing of their work. So why not living amidst the creativity and let it do the talking to your visitors.

This is the journey of house to home – which silently shouts your personality – your existence without even you mentioning it.



Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Subtle and simple things are everlasting and evergreen.People usually live in a misconception of overfilling their homes with fancy items so that it stands out !

But beauty lies in simplicity. It simply means to follow the rule of minimal but extraordinary fancy attractions only at intervals or in a balance way to avoid overdoing of things which leads to the scenario of showing off.



Rule of complimenting things !

Complimenting is contributing extra features to something else in such a way as to improve or emphasize its quality. On a lighter tone-

Keeping the walls sober if the showpieces or art pieces are fancy or vice versa or Sober furniture can be complemented with bold walls.


Everlasting simplicity

Simplicity beats complexity. We usually get trapped with beauty of complexity but fail to realize that the beauty of simplicity is ever lasting.

Complexity or overdone designs attracts only in first glimpse but is not timeless. Keeping things simple, matches all the changing trends, and can be refined or added with current fashion by the change of soft furnishing as cushion covers or light weighted vase. This will add a touch of freshness in your life and change in your interiors.