What is a house?

“A building for human habitation”  —–   ????

House according to me is every being’s Dream on earth which reflects owner’s personality and interests.

The only way we as humans stand out is by our personal choice and unique way of living. House is beyond closed walls, beyond a residing place, beyond shelter, it’s a reflection of you and your choices. A personal touch of interest in any form will highly give piece of satisfaction and inner happiness. Something which defines you, which reflects your personality or profession.

Artists are known by their art, paintings define painters, what defines you?

I strongly recommend and believe to add a space or elements in your house which defines you. May that be art pieces, photographs, profession associated keeps, hobbies or interests zone or your loved ones precious items display. 

Nature’s lover? – Add some natural beauty to your space by adding plants, water elements, earthy materials, flower scents .

Fond of music ? Try depicting it through arts installation or recycling old musical instruments by using them in a smarter way.

Collect souvenirs ? Or are you a Book junkie? Try to add and give a whole lot of space to your area of interest by displaying it.

So artists love showing of their work. So why not living amidst the creativity and let it do the talking to your visitors.

This is the journey of house to home – which silently shouts your personality – your existence without even you mentioning it.



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