Everything goes with a compliment to each other such as, Celebration is incomplete without a glass of Champagne, People are incomplete without humanity and Interiors are incomplete without furniture. 

Furniture is the key element for the aesthetics in a space that can be your work place or your home, the whole interior frame is judged on basis of the selection of the furniture. The proportion of the three dimensional space is directly related to the feel of the space which is enhanced by the right furniture selection. 




Expansive spaces are large or spacious spaces in terms of area or are double height spaces. This type of space undoubtedly impresses the user due to varied difference of scale as compared with regular scenario.

To distribute the user attention equally – Solid and heavy furniture should be selected.

Or Complex – irregular shaped, slant, fancy or curvy furniture can be complimented with expansive spaces.


Compact spaces are small spaces or closely and neatly packed together area. This type of space is limited and only allows necessary keeps.This type of space requires furniture selection which balances and helps the area look comparatively larger and not more compact.

Furniture elevated from the ground – Gives a mellow feeling – this assures subconsciously that furniture is light weighted.  

Perfect geometrical lines – Preferably Straight and clear gives a sleek finished clean visionary glimpse to our mind.This looks simple and direct to the eyes and makes the space look easily acceptable.

The choice of selecting the style of furniture depends on the concept or theme of your particular space. Prioritize what selected attribute should be given more importance than the rest.This selection will be easier on what kind of feel of the space you desire. 

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